Worried about security of your vehicle?

Your worries end here. All your vehicles - be it your truck in your fleet, bus in your fleet, personal vehicles, security vehicles, and even two wheelers - all can be tracked by you remotely sitting in your office, home and wherever you are You do not have to be an IT expert!

And you do not need any IT infrastructure! What you need is only an internet connection or a smartphone or cell phone!

And most importantly, Vehicle Immobilisation under extreme emergency situations (eg. theft) - To help you locate and retrieve your stolen vehicle! All these solutions at a very nominal annual cost and one time device cost!

ABout us

E-World Attitude provides the high end technology solution in vehicle tracking using GPS/GSM/GPRS technology with a world-class support. E-World Attitude believes in providing a technology solution to meet your needs - we do not believe in providing a solution which is available with us. But we believe in understanding the customer needs and delivering a tailor - made technology solution by integrating various technologies in a seamless manner and integrating the solution with your existing business solutions. E-World Attitude is committed to bring world class technology relevant to the customer needs in an affordable way to help our customers manage their business - fleet, cargo, courier, taxis and rental cars and even personal vehicles safety - in the most efficient manner.

Our Mission

E-World Attitude is committed to delivering a custom made solution best suited to the customer's needs and which exceeds the customer's expectations while leveraging the best technology solution to the full advantage of the customer at the least cost. We help you keep your vehicles in your control, gain better fuel efficiency and control vehicle speeds!

Our Products

Gps Location Tracker With Sim Card

For Two Wheeler

GPS Security Tracking System for bikes is an advance and is the latest technology. This GPS device for the bike is to track your bike live on a map. If your bike is stolen, you will get an SMS alert and you can switch off your bike engine just by sending SMS to your bike’s Security system.

Two wheeler security system and GPS tracking system installed in your bike capture the GPS location information apart from other vehicle information at regular intervals. The other vehicle information like GPS updates in the map (map link), Excessive Acceleration alert, Sudden Breaking Alert, Option to track by Web or Mobile App every 5 mins is also possible.

By installing Two Wheeler Anti-theft tracking device, you will get an immediate alert SMS if your bike is stolen. This is all in one Bike tracking device and Bike security system for your bike. You will be getting information about your bike to your mobile on ignition detection, movement detection, SMS alert on bike theft, you can switch Off engine via mobile phone, GPS Vehicle location identification via SMS (GPRS enabled Sim) on the mobile phone, GSM location updates, and Tilting Alert.

  • Our Two wheeler Anti theft security system is Intelligent enough to alert your mobile phone during attempted vehicle theft
  • GPS technology enables you to track your vehicle location using a mobile phone
  • GPS tracker will communicate with your mobile phone via SMS as per your wish
  • Two wheeler security system empowers you to switch off bike ignition during emergency
  • Bike security system detects unauthorized ignition and movement
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking system can be installed in all types of vehicle irrespective of model and make
  • Bike Location identification is tracked using the Bike GPS Tracker and alerted via SMS

Gps Location Tracker With Sim Card

For Four Wheeler

SuperSafe Fleet is a service enabled through positioning technology that includes GPS, GPRS. It helps you to track, manage and control the vehicles in your fleet. With the aid of our web portal, you will be able to access the information online. With options of multiple reports and alerts via web and SMS, you will always be informed of your vehicle where about and its key statistics such as speed, idling, route and status of sensors including ignition, hydraulics, fuel etc. This simple yet affordable technological solution comes to you from Vazhikatti systems Limited, leading company involved in GPS and security based products and services.

  • Tracking: You will know “when and where of your vehicle” - Enabling quick decision
  • Alerts: Immediate information of wrong doings via SMS - Complete control over your fleets
  • Monitoring: Details of usage of vehicle, mileage, and sensor - Cost efficient and optimize fleets
  • Security: In relations to theft & unauthorized usage - Offering peace of mind
  • Optimization: Reduction of fleet size for a given route - Leverage your completeness

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